Deep Learning for microscopy image analysis workshop

The Rundown 

During this four-day workshop based at Marine Biological Laboratory students will be introduced to the use of deep learning technique for microscopy image analysis. The course assumes at least a basic familiarity with Python programming, although it does not assume any prior experience with machine learning techniques. This course was designed for graduate students, post-docs, and staff scientists. It will begin with an overview lecture placing deep learning in the broader context of computational imaging and machine learning as well as a review of key concepts and commands in Python. Then the students will be exposed to three key applications of deep learning, through lectures and hands-on exercises. There are (1) deep learning for image denoising and restoration, (2) deep learning for image translation (i.e., generating fluorescent-like images from label-free acquisitions) and (3) deep learning for image segmentation and analysis. Students will leave the course with an appreciation for the power and limitations of deep learning as well as knowledge of the key tools needed to apply deep-learning methodology to their own problems.  The course will draw extensively but not exclusively from examples in neuroimaging, including electron microscopy of neural tissue and label free imaging of brain slices.

Tentative Syllabus

The Perks

Participants receive tuition, housing and airfare to attend this workshop.

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For admission, please apply by February 28, 2019. Your application will be reviewed by a committee and acceptance decisions will be made by March 15th. Questions about your application? Contact us